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What is Games Dash?
Games Dash is a free online games website that also allows you to watch funny videos and look at funny pictures, plus more.

How long has Games Dash been online?
Games Dash has been around for a little while now and will continue to be on the Web for many years to come. Games Dash launched: 25th August 2007

Are the services that you offer really free?
A simple answer to this question is YES. All the services that we offer on our site is free. You do not have to pay to use any of our services. All the games are free to play, the videos are free to watch and the pictures are free to look at, etc. It is all free!

I am trying to play a game, but it doesn't seem to load or work properly?
If you find any game not working correctly on our site then this may be because you do not have the most recent version of the flash or shockwave player. If you do have the most recent version and the game still doesn't work then please contact us. Before we add any game to our site, we do check to see if they are fit for our site and do work correctly. But there are times when a game may suddenly stop loading or working for some odd reason.

I'm watching a video and it keeps stopping every few seconds. Why is this?
This is most likely the cause of your internet speed. If you have a slow internet connection, the video will then take longer to load up meaning the video will be playing faster than what it's loading. If this happens, the best thing to do is to wait for the video to fully load and then reply the video so that it plays continously without any pauses.

Can I add the games, videos and pictures to my site that's listed on Games Dash?
Yes you can. Near the bottom of every game, video and picture page there is a little linking snippet already included for any particular game, video and picture that you may want to add to your site. You can only link to the games, videos and pictures this way. You are not allowed to hot link any of our games, videos and picture images or the games, videos and picture files. This is stealing our bandwidth and is not allowed. Hot linking images and files is when you directly link to them from your own site so that you are pulling the images, games, videos or picture files from our servers. So this means that every time the game, video, image or picture is loaded on your site, our bandwidth will be used and not yours.

What is your policy on copyright infringement?
At Games Dash we understand that someones work is there work and not ours and they should take full credit for it. So if we find that there is anything submitted to our site from someone that is not the rightful owner and then we are asked by the rightful owner to take it down, we will.

How do you try and prevent copyright content from getting published on your site?
We have it mentioned many times in our Terms of Use and also here. So all our site users that submit content should read our Terms of Use or our Help section before submitting any content.

How do I report a copyright infringement issue?
If you find that there is a game, video or picture on our site, which is yours and you do not want it to be included on our site, then please contact us. We do take copywrite issues very seriously. When contacting us, please give us the correct url of the page the game, video or picture is listed on.

How do I contact you?
You can contact us by using our contact form.

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